Running a business without online meetings is hard to imagine in this day and age. That’s why we have our Customer Meeting add-on in Teamleader Focus. Schedule, meet and engage with customers online, and create contact widgets or contact forms on top of all the other functionality our tool already brings. Read all about what it is and how to activate it.


Before you can start creating quotations, time tracking, projects or invoices for your customers in Teamleader Focus, there’s usually an important step right at the beginning of that flow and that’s prospection; the fact that you communicate with your customers, want to get to know them better or let them book a meeting with you. 

Chances are you also do business online, such as via video meetings. We would like to help you make that as easy and professional as possible. With the Customer Meeting add-on you can give your customers that extra bit of professional service that makes all the difference.


The Customer Meeting add-on enables you to:

  • Have a full integration with Teamleader Focus functionalities
    • There’s a sync between the Customer Meeting add-on and the Teamleader Focus calendar, deals and contacts
  • Meet with your customers online via online meeting rooms. Plan online meetings with your customer directly from Teamleader Focus by adding a meeting. Send the meeting invitation to your customer and you’re ready to go!
    Read everything about how to create an online meeting in this article.
    In a meeting room, you can for example:
  • Set your and your team's availability in the calendar and let customers pick a time slot for an online meeting. Read everything about scheduling here.
    With scheduling, you can for example:
    • Set up a booking link on your website
    • Send confirmation emails, calendar invitations and reminders to your leads and customers after a booking
    • Create meeting types and let your contacts choose between different options
    • Have meetings scheduled to the first available colleague, based on your team's planning via round-robin scheduling
  • Sync meetings with your Google, iCloud, Outlook/Office 365 or Exchange calendar.
  • With the contact widget in the Customer Meeting add-on, you can let your visitors schedule a time in your calendar that suits them best. Read all about it here.
  • A contact form on your website is a valuable tool that facilitates effective communication between your business and your audience. It serves as a convenient and user-friendly means for visitors to reach out to you or provide feedback. Read everything about what contact forms are and how to set them up in Teamleader Focus.

Activate the Customer Meeting add-on

Every user in an account can activate the Customer Meeting add-on. When you’re an admin however, you can also deactivate it for your colleagues.

Activate the Customer Meeting add-on (admins)

When you’re an admin user in Teamleader Focus, there are four ways to activate the Customer Meeting add-on (CMA):

  • Via the CMA button
  • Via the license page
  • Via a meeting
  • Via contact forms

Via the CMA button

  1. Click on the Customer Meeting add-on icon in the top right-hand corner in your Teamleader Focus account.
  2. Click on Get started, it’s free
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Customer Meeting add-on portal.

Via the license page

  1. Go to your icon in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click on Manage license
  3. In ‘Customer Meeting add-on’, click on Try Meeting add-on
  4. Click on Start trial

Via a meeting

  1. Add a meeting
  2. Activate the Customer Meeting add-on by clicking on the button Add online link next to ‘Online meeting room’
  3. Click on the button Get started, it's free
  4. By default, an online meeting room called ‘test-meeting-room’ is created and synced to the Customer Meeting add-on. Keep in mind that this is a personal meeting room, so this test-meeting-room is linked to your user. Note that for every active add-on user, a personal meeting room will be created. Read more about creating an online meeting in this article.

Via contact forms

  1. Go to the Contact Forms module in the sidebar of your account
  2. Click on Activate for free

    Contact Forms will be activated for the whole account. To remove the module from the sidebar navigation, go to User settings and disable Customer Meeting access.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Customer Meeting add-on portal.

(De)activate the Customer Meeting add-on for other users

  • When you’re on the Basic package or the Beyond trial package, all users in your Teamleader Focus account have access rights to the Customer Meeting add-on by default. A non-admin user can activate the CMA via the Customer Meeting add-on button in the top right-hand corner of their account, via the contact forms, or by creating a meeting with an online meeting room (cf. above).
    As an admin, you can disable access to the CMA for your colleagues by following the steps in this article.
  • When you’re on the Beyond package, first give your colleagues access rights to the Customer Meeting add-on: 
    • Go to Settings > Users
    • Click on the three dots next to the name of your colleague you want to activate the CMA for
    • Choose Edit Customer Meeting rights > Access > Confirm. Read more about managing Customer Meeting rights in this article. 
    • A user can activate the CMA via the Customer Meeting add-on button in the top right-hand corner of their account, or by creating a meeting with an online meeting room (cf. above).

Note: In order to use the integration entirely the user will need access to the following modules as well:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Deals and Quotations
  • Dashboard
  • Calendar


The Customer Meeting add-on has two versions, one paid (Beyond) and one free (Basic). When initially activating the add-on you'll be on a Beyond trial package for 30 days, and after those 30 days you can choose to keep using Beyond or to downgrade to the Basic package. 

The paid version costs €15 per active add-on user per month (when billed annually), and with it you have access to more advanced features such as customised meeting types and branding options. 

Check out this article to see which functionalities you lose when switching from the Beyond (trial) package to the Basic package.

Find an overview of Basic versus Beyond features in this article.