Are you on a SMART, GROW or FLOW plan? Then you can enhance your account by adding Boosters with additional functionalities to your license, or you can remove functionalities by removing Boosters from your account. Find more information here.


The main reason we introduced Boosters are flexibility. You decide whether you want to add extra features to your basic package. The goal? Running your business in one place. The SMART, GROW and FLOW packages are an ideal base, but you may lack certain functionalities to enable your ideal way of working.

We have the following Boosters in store for you:

  • Lead capture
  • Planning
  • Work orders
  • Project management
  • Shared inbox

With the Boosters, you only pay for the functionalities you actually use.

Do you want to try the features out first? You can! Read this article on how to try out a Booster.


Only administrators can upgrade/downgrade Boosters. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader Focus
  2. Go to Manage license
  3. In 'Your Boosters', click on the arrow next to 'Try for free' > Add, or Remove next to the Booster you want to add/remove:
    • In case of adding a Booster:
      • All users in the account have immediate access to all features of the Booster
      • In the next step you'll see your prorated price. Upon renewal of your subscription you receive an invoice with the complete license price.
      • You can add a Booster anytime you want to, you don’t have to wait for renewal of your subscription. You’ll receive an invoice with a prorated price charge.
    • In case of removing a Booster:
      • You’ll see an overview of the data you’ll lose when removing a Booster:
        You’ll need to check a box here to show us you understand what will happen to your data when you proceed. This data will be deleted, so please make sure you export all necessary data.
      • The Booster will be removed on your next renewal. After confirmation you’ll see how much you’ll be billed on your next renewal. According to our Terms of Service we need the submitted form at least 15 days before your renewal date. You can find your renewal date in the top right-hand corner of your Teamleader Focus subscription page. You’ll be able to keep using the functionalities of the Booster until the renewal date.
      • From your renewal date onwards, you will no longer be charged for the Booster.