Automate your workflow and let customers schedule meetings directly into your calendar. No more back-and-forth emailing to set meetings. Read everything about scheduling here.


Let clients or leads book a meeting with you themselves based on time slots in your calendar that you choose, even when you're not online. Put a booking link on your website, set up different meeting types and have them immediately assigned to an available colleague. You keep control of your schedule and still maintain an open-door policy. Easy, efficient, but still approachable and customer-friendly.

An automatic booking link on your website is not just useful for your existing customers. It can easily transform your website into a lead magnet: potential customers can very easily contact you and schedule a meeting right away. So sit back, relax, and watch the deals pour in - you'll still have to do the actual work afterwards, of course....


After you've activated and set up the Lead capture Booster in your Teamleader Focus account, automatically a Teamleader Focus integration is set up there. You can find this integration in Settings > Integrations > Active integrations > Teamleader Focus. 

All information entered while booking meetings with you or your team will be sent to your Teamleader Focus account. New contacts are created in Teamleader Focus when someone books a meeting for the first time. Read this article to discover everything about this integration.

To set up your booking pages you will have to follow a few steps, which can easily be done in our scheduling flow. Go to Scheduling to get started and click on Connect your calendar.

Connect your calendar

Start with connecting your calendar

Note: In the integration settings with Teamleader Focus, the check mark next to 'Create a calendar event through Teamleader Focus' is checked by default: this means that all bookings will be synced to your Teamleader Focus agenda by default.

You still have to connect your external calendar (Google, iCloud, Exchange,...) to your Teamleader Focus account though if you then want your Teamleader Focus meetings to be synced to that calendar.

Set up the calendar settings

  • Select the 'Calendars to check for availability' to avoid double bookings. You can check multiple calendars if necessary.
    • Important noteMake sure that the events in your external calendar have the status 'Busy' instead of 'Free'. Only then will those time slots be blocked from your availability, and clients won't be able to book a meeting during your 'busy' time slots. 
  • Choose a calendar in which events will be created to show in which calendar new meetings should be booked in

Add meeting types

To have an easy start with creating meeting types, you can select 1 to 3 meeting types in this step which will be created automatically for you. You can edit or delete these meeting types at any point or create new ones.

Check your booking page or finish the setup

Click on Check your booking page to see what the meeting type(s) look like or click on Finish to finish the setup and edit/add meeting types.

Create/edit meeting types

After finishing the onboarding steps, you can edit/create one or multiple meeting types for your personal and/or team booking page. This is different depending on your team role:

Only 1 team member

Team with multiple team members

Team admin: 

  • Create a team meeting type as an admin

    Note: You can use a team meeting type when you need to create a meeting type for another colleague, excluding yourself:

    1) As an admin, go to meeting types

    2) Create a new meeting type

    3) Select meeting type: Team

    4) Go to Availability. Turn off the slider for yourself but enable it for your colleague

    5) Save it and done!

    6) You can find it in your team meeting types
    7) Find more information about this in 'Availability'.


Customize your booking pages

Now that you've connected your calendar and created meeting types, it's time to brand your booking pages:

Let customers book meetings

Share your booking page with your customers now and let them book meetings. When they did, you'll find your meetings in Scheduling > Meetings on this page of the Lead capture Booster:

Or in Teamleader Focus, the meeting will be visible in your calendar:

NoteWhen a new client books a meeting with you, a new meeting room will be created. If they use the same email address in a later meeting, the same meeting room will be selected automatically.

Happy scheduling!