How To: Deal overview per customer and deal page

After you’ve added your first deal(s) to Teamleader Focus you’ll want to know which information you can find on the deal page. This article will zoom in on that page, as well as on where exactly you can find an overview of the deals you created per customer.

Deal overview per customer

You’ll find the deals you created in the menu ‘Deals’ on the left-hand side in Teamleader Focus, but when you’re looking for an overview of your deals per customer we suggest you navigate to your contact/company page. There you’ll find the following overview:

The total deal amount of your deals for this customer will be shown in the column ‘all’, as well as the number of deals and the deal amount per status (open, won, lost). You can easily filter on this status by clicking on it. Per deal you can find the following columns:

  • The pipeline of the deal

  • The number of the deal

  • The title of the deal

  • The assignee

  • The phase the deal is currently in

  • The deal amount

  • The status

    • By clicking on open deals you’ll find the close date

    • By clicking on won deals you’ll find the date on which the deal was won

    • By clicking on lost deals you’ll find the lost date and the loss reason


  • You can easily add deals for this customer by clicking on the plus icon in the top right-hand corner.
  • This list view will show up to 10 deals but you can click through to the other deals using the pagination below:

The deal page

If you want to know more about your deal in detail, just click on it via the overview on your customer’s page or via your general deals menu. This brings you to the deal page.


At first glance, you’ll find the status of your deal in the top right-hand corner: open, lost or won. Here you can quickly change the status by clicking on one of the buttons. Deleting the deal is also possible by clicking on the trash bin marked in red.

Deal phases

At the top of the page you’ll find your deal timeline with your phases. It’s possible to add follow-up actions on your deals, which you can read about here. You can change your deal phase by clicking on one of the dots in your timeline. You can also change the dates of your deal phases. Find more information here


The details in the top left-hand corner show you the following information on your deal:


Clicking the pencil next to ‘Remarks’ allows you to give some more (internal) information on this deal. Bear in mind that there is no shortcode for this field so you can’t use these remarks on a quotation for example.

Follow-up on your deal

Below the details & remarks you’ll find the follow-up section of your deal. By clicking on the plus icon you can add several items like a quotation, an invoice, a subscription, a projectan order confirmation, an order, a delivery note. You can also consult already created items by clicking on one of the tabs.


  • Some of these items are only available in higher packages. Check this page to find out more.

  • You can only create an invoice or an order for the deal when the deal is won.

  • You can only create an order confirmation, delivery note or subscription for the deal if there’s already a quotation linked to the deal.

Regarding the quotations in this section, you can copy or rename your quotation, create multiple quotations per deal, preview the quotation(s) in CloudSign, send quotations, change their availability on CloudSign and check their CloudSign activity.

Scheduled actions

Click on one of the action buttons to easily add a meeting, call or task to your deal.

  • If the (due) date of a meeting, call or task has passed then the items will disappear from this overview; only open items today or in the future will show up
  • Finished tasks, calls or meetings won't be visible anymore and will be displayed in the 'History' of the deal.
  • Tasks you didn't schedule yet will be visible below the label 'Unscheduled'.


Here you’ll find an overview of the files attached to your deal (quotation, order confirmation, delivery note, general attachments,...). You can easily drag and drop a file there to add it, or click on upload a file or the plus button.


Below the follow-up on your deal, you’ll find the history of your deal with all activities related to it. Click on + Add note to add a note to your deal and use the @-symbol to tag a colleague in your note.

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