How To: Managing deal phases

When you get started with deals in Teamleader Focus, you'll automatically have one deal pipeline. It's a standard deal funnel as illustrated below. You can find it in the header of your deal page. In this article you will find out how you can add, edit, reorder or delete deal phases, and how you can assign a colour to them.

If your company sells different products or services or has many sales teams and company entities, you will need different workflows that match your specific methods. That's where the feature of multiple sales pipelines comes in. Read all about it here. Note that GO and SMART customers have 1 default deal pipeline, but MOVE and GROW customers have 2 and in BOOST and FLOW you can add unlimited pipelines. 


  • Do you sometimes have three to four meetings with a customer before moving on to the next step in the process? Then we advise you to not create a deal phase for each meeting, as this can cause you to lose oversight. You can easily create several meetings in the same deal phase. The funnel should be used to maintain an overarching overview of steps to be taken.
  • Increase the efficiency of your sales process by linking follow-up actions with your deal phases. You'll never forget to plan your next task, meeting or call.
  • Note that not every deal has to go through all phases, you can also choose to skip certain phases if a deal is closed sooner than expected. The status widget in the top right-hand corner of your deal page allows you to quickly change the status of the deal:
  • Your deal phases will be in the language of your account by default. Changing your user language won't change the names of the deal phases. You can translate your deal phases in the settings (cf. below 'Editing a deal phase), but keep in mind changing them means changing them for the whole account.

Adding a deal phase

Every deal pipeline in Teamleader Focus has 4 deal phases by default ('New', 'Quotation sent', 'Accepted', 'Refused'). These cannot be deleted. Follow these steps to add a custom phase:

  1. Settings > Deals and Quotations > Pipelines
  2. Next to the pipeline to which you want to add a phase, click on Add phase
  3. Fill in a name
  4. Assign a customised colour to your deal phase. If you don't, then the phases will have default colours to begin with (Grey for 'New' and other phases, Blue for 'Quotation sent', Green for 'Accepted' and red for 'Refused'). Note that the colours are set on account level.
    • This colour will be visible in your deal overview, both in the pipeline view and in the list view.
    • This colour will also be displayed on the phase timeline of your deal
    • If you have multiple deal pipelines this feature comes in especially handy since you can assign the same colour to e.g. all your won or lost phases, and further group phases visually.
  5. Choose a pipeline
  6. The default probability will be suggested as 100% to not impact your deal forecast.
  7. Add a follow-up action if applicable.
  8. Choose how soon deals in this phase will require action. This will influence the deal colours under deal activity, and helps you follow up on active deals.
  9. Click "Save".
  10. The deal phase will be added above/before the phase "Quotation sent".

Editing a deal phase

  1. Settings > Deals and Quotations > Pipelines
  2. Click on the pencil next to the deal phase you would like to edit
  3. Edit the fields you want to adapt.
  4. Click "Save".

Reordering deal phases

  1. Settings > Deals and Quotations > Pipelines
  2. Hover in front of the deal phase to drag and drop it someplace else. Find the column 'Order' on the left to have a clear overview.
    NoteThe default Teamleader Focus phases like 'New' and 'Quotation Sent' have a fixed position and can't be moved.

Deleting a deal phase

  1. Settings > Deals and Quotations > Pipelines
  2. Click on the bin next to the deal phase you would like to delete
    Note: The phases "Accepted" and "Refused" stand for "Won" and "Lost". This means: you can edit their names, but they will still stand for "Won" and "Lost". Those phases cannot be deleted. The same goes for 'New' and 'Quotation sent'.
  3. When deleting a phase, you'll see that the phase has [x] number of deals. You can view the list by clicking on the hyperlink. Move the deals to a different phase within the same pipeline.

Deal overviews

You will be able to consult your deal phases in a list and a Kanban overview. Filter for which deal pipeline the deals should be displayed.

  • List

  • Kanban

Changing the date of a deal phase

Read the following article to find out how to change the date of a deal phase.

Changing the phase of a deal in bulk

As an admin you're able to change the phase of multiple deals at once. Bear in mind you'll only be able to do this via the list view mentioned above.

  1. Go to Deals
  2. Select a pipeline and an additional segment, status or phase.
  3. Click on Actions in the top right-hand corner
  4. Choose Change deal phase

  5. Enable the slider in 'Confirm action'
  6. Click on do now.

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