FAQ: How can I create a quotation in Teamleader Focus?

Did you meet some new leads and are you ready for the next step? Let's start creating some quotations.

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There are two ways to create a quotation in Teamleader Focus. Either from scratch, or via your deal.

Creating a quotation from scratch

To create a quotation from scratch, you just go to your Quotations module, and click on Add quotation in the top right-hand corner. Or you click on the at the top of your Teamleader Focus account and choose Quotation.

  1. Fill out the required fields, like the name of your quotation and the customer:
    Note that you can also base your quotation on an existing one by clicking on Use existing quotation in the top right-hand corner.
  2. In the field 'Valid until', you can set an expiry date for your quotation so you don't lose track of quotations that still need to be signed. Read everything about this functionality here.
  3. As for the field 'Deal', keep in mind that a linked deal will always be created in the background:
    • If you leave the field empty, we'll automatically create a new deal for you
    • You can also select an already existing deal
    • It's also possible to click on +New deal, which gives you the opportunity to immediately fill out the name of your deal

  4. Fill out an introduction text for your quotation. You can either leave this field blank, type a text manually or use one of your predefined templates.
  5. Fill out the items on your quotation, either by selecting products from your product database or by typing them manually.
  6. Click on Save and preview and you'll immediately see what your quotation looks like. In 'Display customisation' you can choose to hide certain items on your quotation like unit prices, subtotals or VAT [SCREENSHOT]:
    Note: you could also just Save the quotation without previewing it, by clicking on the arrow next to 'Save and preview' > Save.
  7. Apply the changes or click on 'Done', and you're now redirected to the detail page of the quotation:
    • In the quotation header, you can edit, rename, copy or delete the quotation by clicking on the three dots. It's also possible to customise the header here to decide which fields you'd like to display.

    • To send the quotation, click on Send quotation in the top right-hand corner. You can also mark the quotation as sent, accepted or refused, make it available/remove it on CloudSign, preview it on CloudSign, copy the link, download the PDF, or print the document.
    • In the detail section you have the option to add background information to your quotation, access the quotation contents, view the files attached to your quotation and access the quotation activity.
    • In the preview section, you'll see what your quotation looks like to your customer, and you can edit the layout or access the version history of the quotation
    • In the follow-up section you can convert the quotation to an invoice or a project.

Creating a quotation from a deal

 To create a quotation from a deal, follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Deals
  2. Click on Add deal
  3. Fill in the fields
    Note: when selecting a template, a quotation will automatically be created

  4. Click on Save
  5. Next to 'Follow up on your open deal', click on the plus icon > Quotation
  6. You can now create a new quotation, or you can base your quotation on an existing one
  7. Back on the deal page, you have several actions concerning quotations which you can read about here. To send the quotation for example, click on the three dots next to the quotation > Send via email, or click on the button Send quotation in the bottom right-hand corner. 


  • Once you created a quotation, it won't be possible anymore to edit the field 'Amount' in your deal. It will be automatically filled in based on the total price of the quotation.
  • If you want to offer different options of the same opportunity to your customer, you can create multiple quotations per deal. Read everything about it here.

Inserting/moving a product line

You can always edit a quotation by clicking on the three dots next to it > Edit and insert a new product line. Note that if you edit a sent quotation, it will go back to the status 'Not sent'.

If you want, you can also move an article to another place in the quotation by hovering over the number in the front of the article line. It's also possible to add a line or header in the middle of your quotation by clicking between two rows > + > add line/add header: 

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