How To: Renaming a quotation in Teamleader Focus

When creating a quotation in Teamleader Focus, you’ll be able to give it a different name than the default Teamleader Focus naming of the word ‘Quotation’ + the deal number. Read this article to discover why this feature is important, how to change the name of your quotation and which variables and shortcodes to use in order to display your quotation’s name in your customer communication.


The name of your quotation will be displayed on your deal detail page, in your files folder, as an attachment for outgoing emails, on mobile and so on. Renaming your quotation makes it possible for you to:

  • Give your own personal touch to your outgoing documents

  • Give your quotations a more descriptive title instead of ‘Quotation + deal number’

Default quotation naming in Teamleader Focus

When you create a quotation without entering your own quotation name (cf. below), Teamleader Focus saves the quotation name as "Quotation + Deal number" in the language of the contact person of the deal.

Example: If the language of your contact is Spanish, then the name of your quotation will be ‘Presupuesto X (deal number)


What if you change the language of your customer after creating the quotation? 

  • The quotation will have the name in the language the customer had at the time of creation

  • You’ll need to manually change the name of the quotation afterwards 

  • Names of future quotations for this customer will of course be in the right language

Choose name while creating a quotation

  1. Create a quotation and fill out the items on the quotation

  2. In the field ‘Quotation name’, you can replace the default Teamleader Focus naming of ‘Quotation + deal number’ and choose your own quotation name.

Rename your existing quotation

You are able to change the name of your existing quotation at any given time, either via the deal page or via the quotation page. 

Via the quotation page:

  1. Click on the 3 dots in the header of your quotation
  2. Choose Rename quotation

  3. Rename the quotation and click on Save

Via the deal page:

  1. Go to ‘Follow up on your deal’

  2. Click on the dots next to your quotation > Rename

  3. Rename the quotation and click on Save


  • You can choose any name you want here, as long as the name isn’t longer than 80 characters, only contains letters or digits and doesn’t contain special characters except one of the following: _ or -
  • ! Renaming an accepted quotation will remove the signature on the quotation, both in the document and in CloudSign.

Renaming and multiple quotations

When you have multiple quotations, you can't have the same file name for different quotations in the same deal, so by default Teamleader Focus will create name variations on your original quotation by adding -1, -2:

You can change the names of these quotations however you want though. These different names will be visible on the CloudSign platform your customer sees as well.

Email templates for quotations + Templates for quotation introduction text

In the email templates for quotations and the templates for your quotation introduction text there are a few variables you can use to talk about your deal or your quotation and give more information to your customer.

Go to Settings > Deals and Quotations to find these templates and click on the pencil next to a template to edit it and to display the available variables for the deal title and the quotation name:

Shortcodes on quotation document template

In Settings > Document layout > Quotations you can find the Word template for your quotation. Clicking on the button View shortcode list gives you an overview of the shortcodes you can use on your document template. These ones are especially relevant for the title of the deal, the number of the deal and the name of the quotation:

Note: The shortcode QUOTATION_NAME isn’t added by default on your quotation template, so make sure to add it if you want to display the quotation’s name to your customer. Consult our Template gallery here to find an example template template with the name of the quotation.

General notes

  • You are not able to search on the name of your quotation in the global search or in the search bar of your deal list, but you can search on it in the search bar of the quotation module

  • At the moment it’s not possible to rename other documents like invoices, work orders, orders,...

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