FAQ: Where can I see the different versions of a quotation/an invoice in Teamleader Focus?

Whenever you edit a quotation/an invoice, you can still access its previous versions. In this article we'll give you an overview on where you can find this version history.


You find the version history by navigating to the page of the contact/company your quotation/invoice is linked to. There, click on the Files button and in this overview you'll find your quotations/invoices as well. Right clicking on a file gives you the option to 'Show history'.


Via your quotation detail page, there are two ways to access the version history of a quotation:

  1. Go to Detail > Files. Then, click on the three dots next to the pdf of your quotation > Show history
  2. Go to Preview > three dots > Show version history


To access the version history of an invoice, you can open the invoice in pdf preview and click on 'Show history' at the bottom of the page:

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