How To: Switching to a smaller Teamleader Focus package (GO & MOVE)

! This article is only relevant if you have one of our older pricing plans GO, MOVE or BOOST. If you have one of our newer packages (SMART, GROW, FLOW), you can't switch to GO/MOVE. Click this link if you want to know how to switch to a smaller SMART/GROW package.

You are on a MOVE or BOOST plan and you’d like to switch to a smaller Teamleader Focus package? Read this article to find out how to do this and what the implications are for your account.  

How to switch


Only Teamleader Focus administrators can downgrade the pricing plan. Follow these steps if you have admin rights and want to downgrade your plan:


  1. Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader Focus

  2. Go to Manage licence

  3. Click on Change package

  4. Choose the package you want to switch to

  5. On the following page, you’ll see an overview of the data you’ll lose when switching to a smaller package. 

    • You’ll need to check a box here to show us you understand what will happen to your data when you proceed. More information on these implications can be found in the third part of this article.

    • This data will be deleted, so please make sure you export all necessary data.

  6. In the next step you’ll see how much you’ll be billed on your next renewal. 

When to switch

According to our Terms of Service we need the submitted form at least 15 days before your renewal date. You can find your renewal date in the top right-hand corner of your Teamleader Focus subscription page. You’ll be able to keep using the functionalities in your higher package until the renewal date.

From your renewal date onwards, you will no longer be charged for the previous package. The new package will be charged.


If you want to know how to reduce the number of user licenses in Teamleader Focus, you can read this article.



In the next part of this article you’ll find out which data/features you’ll lose exactly when you downgrade to a smaller package. As stated above, this data will be deleted, so please make sure you export all necessary data.

General implications


Shortcodes containing features you’ll lose won’t work anymore: 

  • the data will not be filled in on your document 

  • the placeholder will show the textual shortcode itself ($SHORTCODE$)


When downgrading from a MOVE package to a GO package for example, you won’t be able to use the feature ‘Subscriptions’ anymore. If you for instance had a segment on company level using the following rule ‘Has linked active subscriptions’, then the segment won’t work anymore:

  • In the drop down of your segments list, an exclamation mark next to the segment name will be shown

  • A banner will be shown with the info that the segment contains one or more invalid rules 

  • The invalid rule(s) will be indicated


The removed data / features will not be available in exports.


  • No integration will be uninstalled by Teamleader Focus - you as a user should uninstall the integrations yourself; 

  • However, integrations linked to removed features/data will not have access to Teamleader Focus anymore and therefore will not work.

  • The data in the integrations will not be deleted

  • For the integration with Twilio this means that the numbers are deleted in Teamleader Focus and are freed up to be taken by other people

Multiple company entities

If you are currently on a package with multiple company entities and want to switch to a package that does not include company entities, the entities and the linked settings will be deleted (e.g. entity signatures, document templates, …). Items linked to the entities other than the default one will not be deleted but cannot be used (edited, sent) until they are relinked to the remaining default entity: 

  • If a deal is linked to an archived entity, it can be updated, but new projects, quotations, invoices or other items cannot be created for that deal.
  • If a quotation or work order is linked to an archived entity, it can be updated but it cannot be sent.
  • If an invoice or credit note is linked to an archived entity and is not booked yet, it can be updated but it cannot be booked or sent.
  • If an invoice or credit note is linked to an archived entity and is booked, it cannot be updated or sent.
  • Active subscriptions linked to an archived entity will be deactivated. It won't be possible to reactivate them afterwards. 
  • Products linked to archived entities can be updated.

Make sure to mark the company entity that you want to keep as the default entity before switching to a package without entities. After changing to a package without company entities, all the other entities will be deleted. 

A downgrade from MOVE to GO loses these features:

A downgrade from BOOST to GO loses these features:

Same features as the ones you lose when switching from MOVE to GO, and these additional features:

A downgrade from BOOST to MOVE loses these features:

Read this article if you were looking for how to switch your Beyond package to the Basic package of the Lead capture Booster.

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