FAQ: How can I create a backup of my data?

There are two ways to create a backup of your data:

  • You can use the export functions of the different modules to make a backup of the desired data.
  • Or you can create a .zip file of all your data at once:
  1. Go to Settings > Overview and search for “Backup” in the search field:

2. Next click on My backups and on the plus sign to start generating a backup. 

3. No need to wait here if you have a lot of data, Teamleader Focus will notify you when the file to download is ready.


  • Teamleader Focus keeps a maximum of 3 files for 24 hours. So, if you created four backups at 8am, 11am, 1pm and 5pm, you would only see the last three ones. Each of them will be shown for 24h, so  the one from 11am today will be visible until 11am tomorrow. You can of course also store the file locally.
  • This option is not available in a trial account.
  • Only an admin user can create backups.
  • The backup will provide the data from the entire account, not only the data from the user that exports it.
  • Custom fields: by default, only 10 custom fields columns on any module are exported (the first 10 in alphabetical order). If you have more than 10 custom fields per module you'll need to export these columns manually with an export template via the module itself.
  • Not included in the backup are:
    • The activities/tracking on any level in Teamleader Focus. 
    • Article lines on quotations/invoices. You can however export these via Deals > Export or Invoices > Export.
    • The pdf's generated in Teamleader Focus. You can however export invoices in PDF via Invoices > Export > Batch export invoices to PDF.
    • Other files you've uploaded to the 'Files' of a certain customer/project. Looking for a fast way to sync them to your computer? Read more on our Dropbox integration here.
    • Targets 
    • Tickets: the content of your tickets cannot be exported, only the ticket properties.
    • Timesheets: you will only receive a back up from the timesheets of the last year. If you want to have an export of all timesheets, go to Timesheets > Export to export timesheets per year.

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