How To: Exporting reports from Teamleader Focus

Reports are helpful tools to gain an insight into your or your co-workers' activities over a given period of time. Within Teamleader Focus, you can export reports on several aspects:

  • Contacts and Companies
  • Invoices
  • Agenda
  • Projects
  • Time tracking report
  • Global HR report
  • Individual HR report
  • Daily HR report
  • Leave

Contacts and Companies

You have the option to create a report of each separate contact or company. 

To create such report, go to the detail page of any given contact or company and click the three dots next to 'Contact information' for a contact, or 'Company information' for a company. The first option you'll see is 'download report'.

You can choose yourself which info you want the report to contain, as well as a date range and the file type (PDF or Excel). In case of the latter, you can only export time tracking done on that contact or company.


(Not available in our SMART package) 

The invoices module also contains some extra statistics. To download this report, go to the general overview of the Invoices module, and on the right-hand side below, you will see a grey slider called ‘Mini-stats’.

If you open these, you can use the PDF icon to generate a document with invoice statistics. These contain some core figures such as turnover, the number of paid or due invoices and the total amount paid per customer.


Teamleader Focus also allows you to create an overview report of your entire agenda. Simply navigate to Agenda > Export (on the right-hand side, above the agenda).

This will open a PDF file containing an overview of all tasks, meetings and calls that were planned.

This report will be more elaborate or concise depending on the view you select (day, week or month).

Time tracking report

(Not available in our older GO package

A time tracking report provides you with a clear overview of all hours worked in tasks, calls and meetings within a certain time frame. In Teamleader Focus, you can generate such reports through Timesheets in the navigation section, or through your personal menu in the top right corner of your screen.

Once there, you'll get an overview of your current week and the hours you dedicated to the tasks, calls and meetings at hand. You can draw up a report of these hours to Excel by clicking 'Export' in the top right-hand corner. 

As a next step, you can define the period your report covers. Indicate which month, week, day or year you want the report to cover, or enter a custom time frame. Next, simply click 'View' to open the report.

In addition to viewing your own report, you can consult other users’ reports IF:

  • You have access to Settings > Users 
  • AND you have admin rights or you are the team lead of the team the user belongs to

To export the timesheets, simply navigate to Timesheets, select the user involved and click on 'Export'.


(Available in MOVE & BOOST and in our Project management Booster)

During or after a project, it's not a bad idea to check the entire process for bottlenecks. In Teamleader Focus, you can export a timesheet report for each project. This is handy if you for example want to send your customers an update on the time tracking of a project without creating an invoice first. Or select this option to have an internal overview of the time already spent. Click on a project and click on the three dots in the header > Export timesheet.

In turn, a popup menu allows you to define:

  • If you want to export the report to PDF or Excel 
  • The language of the timesheet report

Global HR report

(Available in MOVE & BOOST and in GROW & FLOW)

If you would like to export a global report that contains the time tracking of all users together in your Teamleader Focus account, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Users > View report.


You can export a report to Excel within a certain date range. You can choose the columns you wish to export as well.


  • Time trackings of deactivated users will also be included in the HR report.
  • Note you can only export a report to Excel, the PDF report is only available in BOOST and FLOW.

Features included in our Boost and FLOW packages:

Time tracking report

An extra feature of the Boost and Flow packages is that you can choose whether you wish to receive the time tracking report as a PDF or Excel file.

Content of PDF report

The time tracking report in PDF contains the following items:

  • Objectives: has the predetermined goal been met in terms of billable hours?
  • Division of tasks: an overview of the number of hours pertaining to a certain work type
  • Hours worked in relation to projects
  • An overview of all time tracking
  • The articles used during the selected period

Global HR report

In Settings > Users, you have the option to choose between a PDF or an Excel file within a certain date range. If you choose the latter, you can define which columns you wish to export as well.

NoteTime trackings of deactivated users will also be included in the HR report.

Individual HR report

If you've set individual targets on the billable vs non-billable time of a user, you can also export a report of that performance.

Go to Settings > Users > click on the name of a user in blue > click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner > click on View report. Define the time period and then you can access the report:

Daily HR report

As team leader or administrator, you have the option to receive HR reports on a daily basis. Depending on your role, these contain the daily activities of the users in your team or all users in your Teamleader Focus account.

In order to receive daily HR reports, navigate to Settings > Time Tracking > activate the slider ‘Send daily HR report'.

You can also select when you wish to receive the report. If you select a time before 12.00 PM, the report will contain all information from the previous day. If you select a time after 12.00 PM, you will receive a report containing all information up until that moment.


In other words, you should select a later hour for a complete overview of today.

Important remarks:

  • HR reports are sent to active users that have an email address and do have the 'Send daily HR Report' setting on.
  • An HR report is only sent if there are time trackings found.
  • Only employees that have trackings for the day a report is generated are included in the report.
  • Time trackings of deactivated users will also be included in the HR report.


If you navigate to Settings > Holiday management, you will see the closing days of your company at the bottom of your screen. Here, you can enter general closing days or download a report of all the users' days off.

To download the report, click the three dots next to ‘Closing Days’ and select 'Export'. Finally, just select the time frame to obtain a nice overview of all days off per user within Teamleader Focus.

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