This article describes functionality of our new project module. This module is being rolled out gradually in the upcoming months, so it is possible you do not have access to the features described here yet. If that is the case, you can still find documentation on the previous project module here.

Want to reuse the same project because you often work the same way? Then you can duplicate a project! Save time and money and achieve your goals faster. Read all about it here.


  1. Go to the project you’d like to duplicate
  2. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner
  3. Click on Duplicate project


Automatically, a new project is created with the same title +copy as the one you duplicated it from. E.g. ‘Installing shower cabinet - copy’. You can easily adjust the title here:

Most elements are taken over from the original project:

  • The structure of the project
  • Groups
  • Tasks
  • Materials
    Note: the status of tasks and materials isn't included in the duplicate and will always be reset to 'To do'.
  • Meetings: the meetings itself aren't duplicated but the meeting placeholders are.
  • Column setup
  • Custom user rates (when defined)

Things that aren’t taken over from the original project:

  • Linked deals
  • Linked quotations
  • Linked invoices

Project templates

It’s not possible to create project templates, but you can always create a project that you’d like to use as default structure and reuse it by duplicating it.

  • Create a project and define your structure (groups, tasks, materials, meetings...).
  • Make sure that you close this project after you created it.
  • Duplicate the project: the duplicate will be an ‘open’ project. 
  • Advantage: you can keep the original project closed. This way it doesn’t clutter your project overview or doesn’t show up in any of the project dropdown menus. You can also assign a specific title to it to easily recognise it as a template.

Duplicating groups/tasks/materials/meetings

Note that you can also duplicate tasks, materials, meetings or groups of a project instead of the whole project.

You can do this one by one or altogether:

  • One by one by clicking on the three dots next to the item > Duplicate:

  • Select the whole group or several items by checking the box next to it: