This article describes functionality of our new project module. This module is being rolled out gradually in the upcoming months, so it is possible you do not have access to the features described here yet. If that is the case, you can still find documentation on the previous project module here.

Next to adding tasks, materials and meetings to your project, you can also directly add a work order to your project via the mobile app. Find more information here!

Create a work order

First of all, you have to create a work order via the mobile app:

  • Add all the elements you need such as working hours, products, distance, meetings etc. 
  • When choosing a customer, make sure to also select the project the work order should be added to.
  • Finalise the work order. This is an important step, otherwise the work order won't show up on the project.

In a project

After finalising the work order, every element on a work order is added as an individual line in the work breakdown of a project:

  • Work orders are a type of group with a link to the work order itself. You'll see it visualised like this:
    • Working hours show up as tasks, with the time trackings linked to them.
    • Products show up as material lines.
    • Meetings show up as meeting lines.
    • Distance shows up as a material line with unit km.

This allows for more visibility and granularity when managing and billing the work order on the project.