This article describes functionality of our new project module. This module is being rolled out gradually in the upcoming months, so it is possible you do not have access to the features described here yet. If that is the case, you can still find documentation on the previous project module here.

Invoicing a project is a critical step in ensuring timely payment for your hard work and maintaining a healthy cash flow. Read this article to learn how to invoice a project in Teamleader Focus.

Via the invoices tab

You can invoice a project from the Invoices tab on the project detail page. 

Go to ‘Invoices’ and click on Add invoice in the top right-hand corner or click on +Add invoice:

Now, you have two options: invoice project lines or create a blank invoice.

Make a choice and click on Add invoice.

Create invoice from project lines

In the next screen you can select which groups, tasks or materials you want to invoice. Optionally you can also choose to only invoice up until a certain date. When filled out, only the time trackings up until the selected date will be selected.

Select the items you want to invoice by checking the box next to them and then click on Create invoice:

  • If you haven’t filled out a customer yet for the project you can select a customer here. If you’ve added multiple customers to your project you’ll have to choose which one of them you’re creating the invoice for. 
  • A draft invoice will be created. The behaviour is as follows:
    • Groups become subtitles in the invoice, and task/materials become invoice items
    • If your group has the billing method fixed price, the fixed price of that group will also be added as an invoice item (next to any additional billable tasks & materials)

Partial billing

If the billing method of your task/material/group is ‘Fixed price’, then it’s possible to only invoice part of the amount of the fixed price based on a percentage

When invoicing a fixed price, by default 100% will be filled out but you can easily adjust this percentage:

Create blank invoice

You can also add a blank invoice to your project. This means that you just add an invoice that’s not linked to anything in the project (like time, materials or a fixed price).

Just fill out the fields like you would for a normal invoice:

Other ways to link an invoice to your project

There are some other ways to make sure your invoice is linked to your project and ends up in the ‘Invoices’ tab:

  • Create an invoice through the menu 'Invoices' directly, and via the button ‘Add invoice’ you can manually select the project
  • Create a subscription linked to your project

In bulk via the projects overview page

In the projects overview page, you can create invoices for multiple projects at once by selecting a status and/or one of the smart filters. Then, click on the check mark next to your projects to select the ones you want to invoice > Invoice X projects:


  • Only projects with an unbilled amount can be invoiced.
  • In the next screen to create your invoices, the primary customer of the project will be selected by default, but this can be changed.
  • Projects without customer will be ignored and won't be visible in the 'Create invoices' screen.
  • Every user with access to both the project module and the invoices module is able to create bulk invoices for projects.