Wondering why you should use the Lead capture Booster instead of Microsoft Teams? We’ve made an analysis of both platforms for you, highlighting the features where the Lead capture Booster can add value to your meetings and overall workflow.

1. Deep integration with Teamleader Focus CRM

What’s the first step for any kind of meeting? Correct, scheduling it. And The Lead capture Booster has you covered here to make it easy for both you and your clients.

The built-in scheduler allows your clients to schedule meetings with you, be it online, offline or phone meetings. Simply integrate your booking page on your website and allow leads and customers to schedule meetings with you. A real lead-magnet!

And the best part of it? Contact details are synced directly into your Teamleader Focus CRM and you can optionally create a new deal and calendar event in Teamleader Focus when leads and customers schedule a meeting. No more manually importing new contacts or deals; more business, less hassle!

2. Simple, 1-click joining process for customers

Teams is meant for teams. That means you can connect easily with everyone from your team, but adding guests or external Teams users to a conversation has annoying pitfalls.

If your guest does not have Teams installed, the web version can be joined, but it’s lacking capabilities of the desktop variant. It’s a conversation stopper if you need to download the app, sign-in / sign-up to collaborate together for instance.

The Lead capture Booster  is different; the only thing you need is a browser. You will be able to work and join meetings through a simple URL. As a participant to the meeting, you don’t need to sign up for an account. Simply open the meeting room URL, type your name and request to join the meeting.

3. Everything stays in place, ready for the next meeting.

Do you have recurrent meetings with your clients? Normally, as soon as a traditional Teams meeting ends, all shared information and documents are lost.

The Lead capture Booster works differently. You can create individual meeting rooms for each of your clients or projects and keep track of all content and communication in one single place. Every meeting room can be accessed by a simple, secure and never-changing URL.

All files, documents, notes and meeting recordings are stored in this meeting room, ready for the next meeting, so you and your client can pick up the conversation where you left off.

4. Professional look and feel marks a good first impression

The Lead capture Booster was built with a strong focus on interactions with customers. When you meet your (new or potential) client for the first time, it’s paramount that you make a lasting impression. With The Lead capture Booster you can brand the whole experience. Add your own logo and background images and apply company colors to make your brand stand out. All rooms have a super clean, modern look and feel. 

5. Add more creativity and engagement to the conversation

Do you want something more than just audio, video and screen sharing?

With Teams, you have to juggle with the separate whiteboard app. With The Lead capture Booster you don’t need to do anything because the whiteboard is already integrated in the meeting room. The whiteboard enables you to write down meeting topics, visualize spec lists, show proposals and so much more.

And there’s more! With the Lead capture Booster you can cobrowse with the other participant(s), which means you can fill out an online form together or navigate through your website. It all depends on your use case - but co-browsing has you covered!

Wrap up

Teams is meant for teams. It handles internal meetings well, but external meetings with clients is not really its cup of tea. So, when it comes to having external meetings with clients or other companies the Lead capture Booster has a lot more to offer.

Test the Lead capture Booster for free and find out for yourself! In the table below, you will see a clear comparison between the Lead capture Booster and Microsoft Teams: 

Lead capture BoosterMicrosoft Teams
Integrated meeting scheduler

Direct sync to Teamleader Focus

Ease of use - No downloads

Big group conferences❌ Up to 10 people (Beyond)

HD audio and video


Powerful collaboration tools

Saved meeting content