When navigating to Settings > Teams, you'll have the possibility to create teams and you'll also be able to select a leader for every team. In this article we will give you more info about the rights of the leader. 

If you want to know more about how to create a team in Teamleader Focus, please read this article. 


A leader will be able to hide his or her agenda from the team members. A user with admin rights can deactivate the option 'Team members can see my agenda and timesheets' via Settings > Users > 3 dots next to the name of the leader > Edit. A leader will also have the possibility to have access to the calendar of the entire team.


  • A leader will have access to the timesheets of all the members of the team. 
  • A leader will be able to hide his or her timesheets from the team members by deactivating the above mentioned slider 'Team members can see my agenda and timesheets'.
  • A leader can track time (both single and multiple time trackings) for another user. Find more info here.

Leave requests

When adding a team, you'll also have the possibility to decide who will be in charge of approving leave requests. This can be the responsibility of the leader or another user: 


When adding a team, you can also activate the slider 'Notifications for leader' to notify the leader every time a task has been completed by a member of the team.