With the feature of weekly time tracking in Teamleader Focus, you don’t need to add separate time tracking each day, but you can just track time for the entire week in one go. Discover everything about the feature in this article!

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A decent operational performance is crucial for entrepreneurs and their businesses, and especially having insights into these operations. The basis for all calculations related to operation performance is time tracking. If you and your colleagues thoroughly track time, you can quickly gain more insight into your entire business’s efficiency and billability. 

A lot of our customers need to track time for an entire week in one go: this is much more efficient and less time-consuming. Instead of having to add time tracking one by one, the weekly time tracking feature offers the solution to track time for a whole week by duration*.

*Note: Tracking time using duration only is easier and quicker to fill out and at the end of the week instead of using a start and end time and having to accurately remember all timings.

Take a few minutes on Friday for example to fill out your timesheets for the past week. Weekly Time Tracking can be the only thing standing between you and the weekend.


You can find the feature to add multiple time trackings by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Timesheets in Teamleader Focus

  2. In the top right-hand corner, you find the button Add multiple time trackings

  3. On the left, select the item you want to track time on and fill out the details

    • You can add a description for each item by clicking next to the trash bin. Every time tracking for that item will have the same description.

  4. Indicate the hours and/or minutes worked per day on the right side. Note that you need to insert a duration here.

  5. This can be repeated for different items as many times as you need to, to account for all the work you have performed.

  6. Indicate if the time tracking should be billable or not.

  7. To make it even easier to track time on the right items, you can take a look at ‘Suggestions from your calendar’. These are based on scheduled tasks in your calendar.

    • Click on the green check mark to accept the suggestion, or on the cross to dismiss it. 

    • Note: once a suggestion is dismissed for this week, it won’t show up again. If a task is scheduled over multiple weeks however, it will still be suggested for the weeks to come.

  8. Click on Add x time tracking(s) and voila, all your time trackings for this week are added!

What (specifics)

Now that you know how to actually add your weekly time tracking, this paragraph will zoom in on some specifics of the weekly time tracking feature.

  • The weekly time tracking feature supports a keyboard-first approach for easy entry and navigation

    • Use the tab on your keyboard to easily navigate through the days of the week 

    • Use the arrows on your keyboard to add or subtract time 

  • Below the ‘Suggestions from your calendar’, you’ll find the amount of time already tracked per day this week:

  • You can also find a progress bar on your timesheets overview that fills up according to the time tracked:

    • When adding multiple time trackings, durations will be added to the timesheets overview:

    • Note: When only single time trackings were added with a start and end time, the time tracked will be shown on a timeline. You can fill up the timeline of a day by clicking on the gaps to add time to those parts:

      The moment a duration time tracking gets added, the timeline will be replaced by the above progress bar.
      E.g. progress bar on the 23rd of August vs a timeline on the 25th of August:
    • If you’re on our BOOST or FLOW package, you have the opportunity to set a week schedule. We display your tracked time in comparison to your working hours, both on this timesheets overview as when adding multiple time trackings: 

    • Also in our BOOST or FLOW package is the feature to set closing days. A grey bar will pop up on these days in the timesheets overview:

      Also lunch breaks are accounted for here.
  • Clicking on the arrows makes it easy to navigate to other weeks to add everything you need right away!

  • The above also means it’s possible to track time in the future, so you can bill your customer earlier for work expecting to be done or keep better track of your planning.

  • You can also track time for someone else when navigating to that colleague in the timesheets overview:

    Note: only an admin or the leader of a team has access to the timesheets of a colleague.


  • The Weekly Time Tracking view is only accessible from the timesheets overview 

  • Suggestions from your calendar only take into account scheduled tasks, and don’t include companies that you’ve recently visited, tasks with due dates etc.

    • When adding time trackings in bulk, you can’t select calls, meetings or tickets to track time on

  • Take a look at how to copy time tracking if you only need to duplicate one specific time tracking.

Find more information on time tracking in general and the different ways to track time in Teamleader Focus in this article.