We’ve updated our Terms of Service and our Data Processing Agreement (DPA). 

These are mainly cosmetic improvements to improve the consistency and readability of the Terms of Service and DPA.

  • In the definitions, we have changed some terms to bring them more in line with the terminology we use in our support centre and in the Teamleader Focus tool.
  • We also added the term "User License" to the Terms of Service to clarify the difference from a "User Account”. This is important because the price of your subscription is based on the number of user licenses purchased, not the number of user accounts actually in use. So you pay for all user licenses, regardless of whether you assigned them to a specific user.
  • New customers will now be able to pre-order certain Boosters (add-ons). To support this, we have added some relevant provisions, e.g. around cancellation and invoicing.
  • We have added some things under Article 4.5 of the Terms of Service about the credits you can purchase for your Teamleader Focus wallet.
  • Under the "Personal Data & Privacy" section (see Article 11 of the Terms of Service), we explained the distinction between our role as "data controller" and "data processor" even more comprehensibly using the new terms "Personal Customer Account Data" and "Personal Customer Account Information.

The new terms automatically come into effect and replace all previous versions of the Terms of Service and DPA. No action on your part is required. 

Want to go over everything in detail? You can find the Terms of Service and DPA in your user account by clicking on the user icon in the top right-hand corner and going to the 'Legal Information' tab.