Every once in a while everyone is in need of some days off. When requesting leave, however, you might get the error message 'Your requested time off conflicts with leave settings'. This can have several causes, for which possible solutions will be proposed in this article.

Leave can only be requested for a time/day that hasn't been set yet in any other place. The following settings should be checked to be able to solve the error message:

  • The leave request overlaps with a day off or part of a day off that is already set in the weekly schedule of the user (Settings > Users, clicking on the blue name of the user)
  • This error message may indicate that you are trying to apply for a holiday, for example 5 days before that leave day, although for example a request period of 7 days has been set when editing the vacation type under Settings > Holiday management.
  • On the same page (Settings > Holiday management > Vacation types) for leave types, the type you wish to use is no longer valid (Valid from - Valid until) and you have to create a new vacation type which is valid for the new year.
    • The valid period for the general vacation types can be overwritten per user, though. When you click on the blue name of a user and go to his/her personal page, it might be the case that the leave type you wish to use has expired. You'll need to extend the period to make the type valid again.
  • The chosen date is already coloured in the user's agenda, so the leave day has already been requested or approved.

More information regarding configuring leave and leave requests can be found in our support centre.