What exactly is the Marketplace?

The Teamleader Focus Marketplace is a central platform that allows you to browse through all available integrations with Teamleader Focus.

Stay on top of your schedule by linking your Outlook account to track mails and by connecting your Google calendar to your Teamleader Focus planning, keep in touch with your contacts through our integration with Mailchimp for email marketing, take care of your accounting with one of our two-way bookkeeping integrations. You name it; the goal is to centralize as much of your business activities as possible.

How to navigate in the Marketplace

To access the marketplace, just click your icon user in the top right hand corner of your account, and click on ‘Integrations/Marketplace’.

You will land on the wonderful Marketplace page. Now you have 3 options:


Click ‘Explore’ in the navigation bar to, well… explore the Marketplace. Either type in a key word in the search bar to be guided immediately to the integration of your dreams, or scroll through the several categories on the left side of your screen.

You’ll find a number of categories to browse through. Clicking a category will give you an overview of all available integrations within that category. Found the integration you were looking for? Just click the ‘Add’ button.


Clicking ‘Manage’ on top will give you the list of all integrations you have already connected to your Teamleader Focus account. Click the ‘Settings’ button to make changes to your integration, or when you want to remove it.


It doesn’t even have to end at that! If you want to set up your own integration with Teamleader Focus, the build page will allow you to do so. Here, you’ll find our public API to help you get going.

The Teamleader Focus Marketplace offers well over a hundred integrations, and counting. 

For more information, you can also have a look here for specific articles on setting up your integrations.