You may want to adapt the cloud platforms to your own house style. Read everything about the customisation options in this article!

Find the customisation settings by navigating to Settings > Cloud platforms.

Cloudsign customisation

Company entity

If you use multiple company entities, you can set up a customisation per company entity by selecting it here.

Make sure that the quotation you send to your customer is linked to the right company entity for the right Cloudsign customisation to be selected.



Tailor your Cloudsign by using your brand colors. Select a primary, secondary or menu background color by using the color picker or by inserting the color code via the #

You can always reset your colors to the default color scheme by clicking on Reset.


You can upload your company logo here to let it appear in the top left-hand corner of your Cloudsign environment. There's a maximum filesize of 1MB, and only jpg, png and jpeg are supported.
You'll also find a Reset button here to remove your logo if needed.

CloudSign preview

Whenever you pick another color or logo, changes you made will be immediately visible in the CloudSign preview.
Interested in a complete preview of your CloudSign environment? 

  • Create a test deal 
  • Create a test quotation
  • Email the quotation to your own inbox
  • Click on the link to CloudSign 
  • Admire your CloudSign customisation

Cloudproject, Invoicecloud and Ticketcloud customisation

To set up the background of Cloudproject, Invoicecloud and Ticketcloud, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Choose file
  2. Click on Upload and upload your .jpg format photo (with a dimension of 1920 x 1080 pixels).
    This will now be the background for Cloudproject, Invoicecloud and Ticketcloud.
    NoteIt's not possible to set up a background in Cloudsign.
  3. Click Save

Note: the custom primary color can, for now, not be changed. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Don’t worry if you’re sending your quotations to customers who don’t speak your mother tongue. If the language of your contact is set correctly in Teamleader Focus, the cloud platforms will be shown in his or her language.