What is cobrowsing?

Cobrowsing means you share a browser tab with a meeting participant(s), where both you and the meeting participant(s) can control what happens in the shared browser tab.

How do you start cobrowsing in a meeting room?

Starting a cobrowse session is possible in Google Chrome. If another participant started co-browsing, you can interact with other browsers as well.

Cobrowsing is directly available from within the meeting room. You can find it at the top on the right side:

When you click on Cobrowse for the first time, you're prompted to install the Chrome extension:

After you've installed the extension, you can return to the meeting room. You'll see the pop-up has been updated as you've installed the Chrome extension:

You only have to perform the steps above once.

As soon as this is done, you can select the screen you want to cobrowse on and choose whether you want to share audio:

How do you use cobrowsing?

Now that your co-browsing is all set up, go ahead and share a tab with your participants.

You'll see that you'll remain in the meeting room. As you're sharing control of your browser with the participants, a notification will pop up.

Host view:

Guest view:

Now the big difference between screen share and co-browsing: you can control the tab in the meeting room itself - and the same goes for your participants!

This means you can together fill out a form, navigate through new software or even make exercises. It all depends on your use case - but cobrowsing has you covered!