Do you have to do a lot of daily calls to phone up leads? If you’re using Teamleader Focus as a tool for prospecting or as a call center, you can find some useful tips in this article.

Create a call list

First of all, you need to create a call list with calls that will be assigned to your user. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Contacts/Companies

  2. Create a segment of the customers you want to actively call/follow up or activate. Create a segment based on characteristics they share, like ‘Last activity is previous month’.

  3. Select the segment you created

  4. Click on Actions in the top right-hand corner 

  5. Choose Create calls

  6. Fill out the start date of your calls, their duration and the assignee. An average of your calls per day will be calculated and a calculation of the working days you need will be shown.

  7. Confirm the action and click on Do now
    Important: this bulk action cannot be undone!

Perform your calls

After you’ve created your calls, it’s time to perform them. Working through your list efficiently has a lot of benefits:

  • You don't have to click through everything and can work from one environment very fast. 
  • You lose less time keeping track of who you called already or still have to call. 
  • By using this list you can easily keep track of your targets through your insights.


View the calls in your to do’s of today on your dashboard, or look at them by going to Calendar > Calls > filter on your name.

  1. Go through your calls one by one and Mark them as done

  2. Choose a call outcome and write a summary of the call

  3. The call will be logged in the activities of your contacts/companies

  4. You can define a follow-up action to each call outcome (read more about call outcomes here). If you reached your contact’s voicemail for example, choose the call outcome ‘Voicemail’ and define a follow-up action “call” for this outcome. A follow-up call will be created then to remind you to call back.

  5. If your lead/customer is interested, you can create a deal.

Note: We also have VoIP integrations in our Marketplace, through which you can introduce an internet phone or use your own mobile phone to perform your calls. Read more about the latter here.