When adding users to your Teamleader Focus account, you'll notice each user account needs to have a unique and verified email address. During verification, the new user has to confirm he is the only one with access to that certain inbox. All important Teamleader Focus notifications end up there, also the ones about resetting your password.  

Having a unique and verified email address per Teamleader Focus user account has multiple advantages:

  • It ensures us the email address you provide exists, is correct and has no typos. That way, any important communication can reach you.
  • It drastically increases the safety of your account since it will be verified and linked to your specific email address and yours only. For example, the email address of a user is also used as an alias when sending emails to customers via Teamleader Focus. We of course wanted to avoid abuse e.g. allowing the same email addresses for several users could mean sending emails in someone else's name, and we don't want that.
  • It paves the way towards an easier login procedure (called Single Sign-On) that will allow you to login with one simple click and even social accounts.
  • As you use your email address as a login, you don't need to remember those different usernames for the different tools you use.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Another concern that we are addressing here is data protection. The GDPR legislation states that we must offer you the opportunity to request access to your data. An email address is considered to be personally identifiable information. With a unique and verifiable email address, we link the data of a user in our database to the person requesting the data.

As you can see, a unique and verified email address benefits the security of your account and allows us to further improve your login experience.

Note: Next to the primary email address described above, a user can have multiple personal email addresses in their Teamleader Focus account. These alternative email addresses don't have to be unique. Read more about these alternative email addresses here.