To make your life easier, the VAT (Europe), KVK (the Netherlands) or SIRET (France) number can be filled out to activate an autofill of company details. As you are reading this article, we take a wild guess your entry did not quite render the expected results. Please read on to find out why.

In an ideal scenario, you fill out a VAT, KVK or SIRET number and the company details will be autofilled:

Note: Sometimes no data gets filled out. This means that apart from the VAT number, no additional information is available for us to fetch on the corresponding platform.

If a VAT, KVK or SIRET number is not available, however, you will get the following "number not found" message:

There are two different causes for this message:

  • The corresponding number is not available on the websites where we fetch the information from, which is the VIES platform for VAT, the OpenKvK platform for the KvK number and the Sirene platform for the SIRET number. Enter the number there. If the number is not found, you should ask your customer for the correct number.
  • The VIES, OpenKvK or Sirene platforms are temporary unavailable. On the VIES platform, this is quite obvious, as errors are mentioned on the main page:

    On the OpenKVK platform there is not always a disclaimer, but you won't be able to find the number.
  • If you can find the number on one of the platforms, but Teamleader Focus does not recognise it, you can reach out to us by clicking the question mark in the top-right corner of your account and selecting 'Support Centre > Contact us'.