Do you need to replace one Teamleader Focus user account by another? Then we'd like to give you some advice in this article!

If you have the login information of the former user, beware not to just change the name and the email address to the one of the new user. This will result in the tracking of all actions performed by the former user being placed on the new user’s name. If you hold your statistics dear, this is not what you want.

In that case, you better… 

  1. Deactivate the user account of the former colleague.

  2. This will open up a slot to create a new account and have the colleague start off with a clean slate.


Transferring open tasks and deals to a new user

When you deactivate the user, you will have the option to transfer open tasks or deals to another existing colleague. If you need to transfer these to a new colleague however, follow these steps:

  1. First deactivate the old user so you have enough user licences in your account.
  2. Create your new user
  3. Go to Settings > Users > Deactivated > 3 dots > Transfer data

  4. Indicate what needs to happen with the items of the deactivated user