Web forms are a great way to collect relevant information about your leads. Instead of mailing back and forth for their details, your contacts can just fill in a short form on a landing page, which is saved to your CRM and that’s it. Not only does this mean one less thing to worry about, the quality of your leads will improve also. After all, they voluntarily provide you with their details!

With one of Teamleader Focus' Web2Lead integrations, contact data is automatically sent to your CRM, allowing you to store it in an efficient way. We offer several Web2Lead options, most of which are compatible with your Wordpress site because of the underlying technology called Custom Forms. These are:

Before starting, we would like to offer you the choice between our standard Web2Lead-integrations and our new integration with Zapier. The second one could offer you some important advantages. Read more about this in the following article.


If you’ve already created forms for Wordpress using one of the tools above, just click the links to find out how to link them to Teamleader Focus.

If you have not yet created a form on your Wordpress website, read this article to create a webform using the Wordpress Teamleader Focus plug-in. Click the following link to find out what fields are available in the Web2Lead integrations.

If you have further questions still, or need help with the set-up, feel free to send us your questions via support!