Sending an email from within Teamleader Focus is quick and easy, even if it’s only an invoice or a meeting confirmation. All of these emails will be sent from Teamleader Focus’ email server, resulting in the sender being “”. Whenever your customers reply to an email that was sent from within Teamleader Focus, the answer will arrive in the correct mailbox. Yes: Teamleader Focus is that smart.

But there is more. It’s possible to use your own domain name to send emails from Teamleader Focus. To install this feature, you need to:

  • Be an administrator in Teamleader Focus
  • Have some IT affinity, you should be familiar with changing stuff on your domain
  • Own a domain name such as “”. A, for example, “” domain will not work. Make sure that you also have access to the DNS settings in the admin panel of your domain
  • Make sure that your DNS providers support underscores in zone file entries
  • Activate “Whitelabeling” in your Teamleader Focus account (see below)
  • Set a validated CNAME record for your domain name (see below). A CNAME record (Canonical Name) is a kind of DNS-record that indicates which email servers can send mail on behalf of your domain. This avoids email from being marked as spam.

Do you prefer to watch our instructive video first? You can do so right here:

Activate whitelabeling

  1. Go to your icon user in the right hand corner and click on Email & export logs > Email log
  2. This log contains all the emails that were sent from within Teamleader Focus. Here you can check if there are emails that never arrived and why they didn’t. On the right you’ll find ‘Advanced email’ below the ‘Extra’ button. You will only be able to see this button when you’re a admin.

  3. Click on the slider to activate the whitelabeling

Set a validated CNAME record

To whitelabel your email you will have to allow Teamleader Focus to send emails from your own domain name. To do this, you set a CNAME record which allows you to send from your own subdomain.

  1. After enabling the slider to use the whitelabel, you will be able to click “Add whitelabel email domain
  2. Enter your “Domain” and “Subdomain”. The domain equals the “” part of “”, the subdomain must be a word such as “mail”. Note: you probably will see the domain and subdomain in light grey already, you still need to fill this information out manually.
  1. Click “Save
  2. Click on “Revalidate” next to your newly created “Domain” and “Subdomain”
  3. Now the “DNS records” will appear. Enter the name and the value in the DNS settings of your domain provider. The screenshot below is an example of the “” DNS settings
  1. Once this is done, click “Revalidate” again. It can take up to 48 hours before everything is verified. If this is the case, emails sent from Teamleader Focus will always be sent from your own domain name.

How do I add a CNAME record?

If you don’t precisely know how to add a CNAME record to your email settings, you can use Google's useful guide. If you’re using “” as a host for your site, it may be useful to consult this guide.

Can I whitelist multiple domains? 

Yes, you can whitelist multiple domains and that will allow you to send emails from users that have a different domain. This is especially handy when you use multiple company entities or alternative email addresses.

Invoicing email address

When you click on an email address in Teamleader Focus emails will be sent from your email address configured for your own account, quotations will be sent from the email address of the deal responsible.

However; whether you've whitelabeled your domain or not, if you want your invoices to be sent from a specific email address there is a specific setting for that. Follow this article to learn more. 

Did you know?

  • Only one user has to do this procedure. The email of the others will be set automatically. 
  • Be careful when setting your email address. A wrong email address will not give an error message