• What information do you want to add to your deal?
  • What reporting of your deal is needed?
  • Who should have access to it?

The first question is an interesting and important one, as it is not useful to just copy all information from a company in a deal. You need to decide which information is necessary in your CRM and which information is needed in the deal.

This is important for two reasons:

  • Second, depending on the information saved within the module, you can create segments in the deal overview. In order to add additional information to your deal, you need to create custom fields under settings on deal level.

Also important is deciding to which sales pipeline you want to add the deal, because If your company sells different products or services or has many sales teams and company entities, you will have different workflows.

After you've created a deal you can consult it in detail via the deal page, which you can read about here.

Two pieces of information worth discussing are the deal sources and the deal loss reasons. We advise you to agree upon a small selection of deal sources and deal loss reasons for two reasons. First, I suppose you guessed it already, you can create segments based on them, and second, Teamleader Focus provides stats on this topic under Insights > Deals.

Another interesting asset for a deal is the probability rate. The deal forecast calculations rely heavily on the probability rate of your deals. Check this article to learn more about the deal forecast. The probability also has an influence on the amount in the pipeline under Insights, which brings us directly to the reporting of a deal.

Under Insights > Pipeline, you see the amount of quotations which have been sent and the amount of deals won. Clicking further on Insights > Deals, you get an overview of the funnel, the stage distribution, etc. Getting deeper insights and proper overviews should not be an issue anymore. You probably won’t see a lot of information in the stats yet, but you will realise that they will be filled faster than you think.

It might be possible that you want to limit the deal access, as not every sales talent should see all deals. This limitation is based on the responsible person of a deal. You can find more information in this article.

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