How To: Track time with Teamleader Focus' Time Tracker functionality

There are numerous ways to track time in Teamleader Focus but one of the most vital ones is our Time Tracker functionality. But what exactly is the Time Tracker? Where do you find it and how do you use it?

What is it?

Our Time Tracker functionality is essentially a timer in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader Focus. It allows you to keep an eye on how long you’ve already been working on something at all times. You can very easily start the timer and then stop it when you’re finished.

When to use it?

Are you more fond of running a timer while executing a task instead of tracking the time manually afterwards? Then this functionality was made for you. Another big plus is that the timer keeps going even if you’re navigating elsewhere in Teamleader Focus. This also means you can start the timer from anywhere in Teamleader Focus! 

How does it work?

  1. Click the timer in the top right-hand corner to start tracking time 

  2. Click Start new timer to start tracking your time.


    • the timer will continue until you click the stop button
    • it's also possible to track time on an already existing task, you can select it here
  1. When you’re finished, click the stop button. At any time, you can click the item for which you’ve tracked time to add more information like a description, changing the duration, choosing a work type or link the right project and/or customer. After linking the time tracking to a customer you can also choose to make it billable or not. Deleting the item altogether from this view is also possible.

    Important note:
    The description of the time tracking and the customers linked to a meeting, call or ticket will not be editable in the time tracker. If you click on them it will be clear that they are linked to a call, meeting or ticket but you won't be able to edit that subject.
    You will however still be able to change the duration or the invoiceability. You will also still be able to edit these when you go to your timesheets.

  2. Then, there are two options: 

    • To continue tracking time for this item click the play button again. Note that this will create two separate time trackings.

    • To track time for other items, simply click Start new timer. Note that you can only do this if you are not currently tracking time for a different item.


Overview of your time division 

When you have added more than one time tracking to your day, the purple line visible below your time trackings allows you to see the division of your time. In this example, time trackings of respectively two hours and one hour were added. ‘Time tracking 1’ took the most time, ‘Time tracking 2’ the least.

Be sure to also check out this functionality via our Teamleader Focus mobile app! 

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