How To: Updating Contacts and Companies in Bulk

It may happen that you need to update a custom field or another value in your CRM system for more than one contact or company. To do so in bulk, we recommend you do an export, make the necessary changes in Excel and import your file again. Let's run you through that process step by step.

  1. Navigate to your contact or company overview and create a segment of all contacts/companies that you'd like to update. An example could be that you'd like to update the content of a custom field or merge two custom fields. 
  2. Click Export on the right hand side.
  3. In the next screen, don't select "Basic columns" but "Create new template" instead.
  4. The following screen will show all possible values. Choose the values you'd like to update and - this is important - add the Teamleader ID. Through this ID, the contact or company will be matched correctly when you import your information again.

5. Click save to complete the export.

6. You can then update the values in Excel, save your file and import it again. Be sure to match the fields correctly, especially the Teamleader ID.

Please note that you will only be able to match the Teamleader ID during the import if the column title in Excel is spelled in exactly this way.


If you're an admin, another possible bulk action on your contacts & companies is adding and removing tags for a certain segment, without having to do an export/import:

  1. Create a segment in your contact/company overview
  2. Once you’ve selected a segment you can find the Actions button on the right
  3. ‘Add tag’ & ‘Remove tag’ are some of the options here:
  4. Confirm the action and the tag will be added/removed for your selection.

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