How To: Creating a segment in Teamleader Focus

You just became a victim of your own success: your Teamleader Focus database is packed with data from customers and other companies. While we’re happy you are successful, we must give you some advice about organizing your data. Luckily we made a handy feature to group your data in segments. In this article we will show you how this works for your contacts or companies, but note that you can create segments in other Teamleader Focus modules too. 

Create a new segment

A segment lets you group your contacts based on available characteristics or based on your own provided information via custom fields and tags. Just follow these simple steps to create a segment:

1. Navigate to “Contacts” or “Companies

2. Click on the drop down menu of “Show everything” and select “Create a new segment

3. Give your segment a name which is easy to recognize.

4. By clicking “Advanced options” you get three options to customize your segment

  • The ‘Only I can see this segment’ makes it impossible for your coworkers to see your segments. You can of course change this at a later stage so the segment becomes visible for everyone.
  • Do you prefer that no one can change your segment after you created it? Check ‘Only I can edit this segment’ to prevent others from changing your carefully created list.
    • Note that admin users will still be able to edit this segment.
  • Finally, you can refine an existing segment, so you don’t have to apply all of your rules again to get your desired result.

add segment in Teamleader

5. Next to "Rules" you can choose between "All rules must apply" and "At least one rule applies". 

"All rules must apply" means that you will see all contacts, companies, etc that fulfill all the rules.

Example: the example below will only return companies in Belgium which have a linked accepted deal.

Or you could choose "At least one rule applies". This means that you can add several rules and you will see all contacts, companies, etc. that fulfill at least one rule.

Example: using the segment in the example below will give you all companies in Belgium, all companies that are linked to an accepted deal, and all companies in Belgium that are linked to an accepted deal.

6. Click “Save”. You will find your newly created segment in the drop down menu.

Tip: It's possible to create a segment for contacts, based on information of the related company. For example: you want a list of contacts that work for a company in France.

- Make a segment on company level 'French companies': Country equals France

- Make a segment on contact level: Companies is in segment 'French companies'

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