FAQ: How can I add account managers in Teamleader Focus?

In Teamleader Focus, you can add account managers or assign a responsible colleague in different ways. Account managers can help you define responsibilities, distribute work and stay up to date.

You can also create segments for account managers to keep an overview and to know exactly who is responsible for what.

Company and deals

  1. Navigate to "Companies" or "Deals"
  2. Choose "Account manager" on company level and "Assigned to" on deal level
  3. Choose the respective colleague from the list of users


  • You can choose to define an account manager for companies, but defining an account manager for deals is mandatory.
  • Account managers of companies and deals will be notified when actions are taken that involve the company or the deal.
  • Based on the account managers of companies and deals, you can limit access via Settings > Users (limited CRM and limited deal access).
  • You have the option to add a second account manager to a company or a deal. To do so, simply send an email to our support team, so they can activate this feature for you. Account managers will then receive notifications whenever the company or deal is updated.
  • A second account manager can also prove useful if you want to limit CRM access or deal access for your co-workers. You can then define two colleagues that will have access to a company or deal by making them account managers.

Contacts and invoices

There is no account manager defined by default but you can add an account manager manually for contacts or invoices. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Custom fields
  2. Add a custom field of type "User" on the desired level.


You cannot use this field to restrict access rights, but you can define a user as responsible and segment based on that custom field.


(This feature is available in our Move or Boost package or the Project management Booster)

  1. Navigate to "Projects"
  2. Add a project
  3. Add one or more Owners or Assignees
  4. Choose the respective colleague(s) from the list of users


Shared inbox

(This feature is available in our Boost package or in the Shared inbox Booster)

  1. Navigate to "Shared inbox"
  2. Click on the ticket in question > pencil next to the ticket number
  3. Choose "Assigned to".
  4. Choose the respective colleague from the list of users


  • You have the option to assign a responsible colleague to tickets. This is not mandatory.
  • When you are responsible for a ticket, you are kept up to date when an internal note is added, when your customer has replied or when your ticket has been closed.
  • You cannot modify the view but you can create segments based on the responsible.
  • Shared inbox stats are available based on the responsible co-worker.

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