FAQ: Can I choose the numbering of my invoices in Teamleader Focus?

The number of an invoice in Teamleader Focus consists of two parts which are separated by a slash. This form cannot be changed but you have some possibilities regarding the prefix and the suffix.


By default, the fiscal year is set as the prefix. Therefore, you can alter the prefix of an invoice by setting a different name for your fiscal year:

  • Go to Settings > Invoices > Fiscal years
  • Click on the pencil next to the fiscal year 
  • In the pop-up that follows you can adjust the name of the fiscal year.

Be aware that this is still a fixed name, you cannot use a date or the name of a customer. This value will be the same for every invoice of that fiscal year.


Regarding the suffix you have the possibility to choose the number of your very first invoice of each fiscal year. This option appears upon creation of the fiscal year (see above) or the first invoice. The following invoices will automatically count upwards from this number.

Example: You choose 1001 as your start number. Your invoice will then have the following number “2017/1001”. The next invoice number will then be “2017/1002” and so on.

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