How To: Add & manage contact functions in Teamleader Focus

Do you have several contacts in your CRM with functions that don’t exist in your Teamleader Focus account yet? In this article you can read how to add and manage these functions.

There are two ways to add new contact functions in Teamleader Focus.

1. Add a new function to a specific contact linked to a company

To add a new function to a specific contact linked to a company, follow these steps:

  1. Go to 'Related contacts’ on company level 
  2. Click on the three dots next to the contact name
  3. Choose 'Edit'
  4. Add a new contact function by clicking on ‘Other’ in the drop-down menu
  5. Note: The contact functions you manually add here won't end up in your settings (cf. title 2).


As with functions, you can add subfunctions as well by following the same steps above. Note however that you can't add or manage subfunctions at once in your settings (cf. title 2), it's only possible to add them manually.

2. Add several contact functions at once

When adding functions manually to a contact like we explained above, it often happens that a lot of functions end up in that select box. Specifically after an import of contacts and their contact functions, it could be that there are way too many options in there. There is an easy fix for this, without having to manually delete lots of functions.

You can define fixed contacts functions so the long list of functions is just limited to those ones.
Note: This won't change the function of existing contacts.

To add several fixed contact functions at once you need to have access to the Settings. In the Settings menu, click on:

  1. CRM 
  2. Preferences 
  3. Number of contact functions
  4. Click on the pencil on the right.

  5. In this menu you can add, edit or delete contact functions. 
  6. You can also choose the order in which they appear.

  7. Note: when creating a segment, you will still see all functions in the database, because you still need to be able to select those. (Including the functions of deleted contacts)

Read this article to find out how to change the function of a contact afterwards.

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