FAQ: How can I change the function of a linked contact in Teamleader Focus?

Did you make a mistake assigning a certain function to a contact in Teamleader Focus, or did one of your contacts change his or her position within the company? In this article you can read how you can easily change their function.

After you have added or imported companies in Teamleader Focus, you can add related contacts to those companies. You can choose to immediately assign a function to the contact or you can do this later on.

If you want to change the function of a contact, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the three dots next to the contact's name
  2. Choose Edit
  3. Choose the right function for this contact (which you've defined in your Settings > CRM > Number of contact functions) or manually add a new one by clicking on ‘Other’ in the drop-down menu
    Note: Do note that the functions you'll manually add here won't end up in your list of fixed contact functions in your settings. Find more information here.

Subfunction of a contact

If instead of changing the function of a contact you want to change their subfunction, the same steps explained above apply, except that you can't predefine subfunctions in your Settings > CRM, you can only add these manually.

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