FAQ: What is expected of me as a Teamleader Focus Partner?

If you would like to sell Teamleader Focus to other businesses, you can join the Teamleader Focus Partner Program. As a Partner, you will work closely together with our local Partner Manager.

We expect Teamleader Focus Partners to:

  • Have a sales mindset and bring in at least 4 customers per year.
  • Have a large network to tap into on a regular basis.
  • Sell Teamleader Focus to those who can genuinely benefit from our solution.
  • Help customers by providing real added value. (e.g.: consultancy, internal training, custom development)

We will need you to meet these requirements, but in exchange, we will be there to help you along the way. For more information on what you can expect from us in return, read ‘What can Partners expect from Teamleader Focus?’.

In particular, we are looking for consultants, integrators (to build specific integrations with Teamleader Focus) and people who share the same go-to-market as Teamleader Focus. Think you’re a perfect match? Don’t wait. Feel free to apply at https://www.teamleader.eu/become-a-partner.

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