FAQ: What can partners expect from Teamleader Focus?

If you would like to sell Teamleader Focus to other businesses, you can join the Teamleader Focus Partner Program. You can read more about how to become a partner in this article: ‘How to: How do I become a certified Teamleader Focus Partner?’.

In exchange for bringing in at least 4 new customers per year, partners can expect a number of things from Teamleader Focus:

  1. You will receive a percentage-based fee for each sale you close.
  2. We provide quarterly incentives linked to the number of sales you close.
  3. We will support you in your efforts by providing the right content (infographics, templates, images, etc.).
  4. Our Local Partner Manager will be your go-to-person, and will remain in close contact with you.

For more information on what we expect from you, be sure to read ‘What is expected of me as a Teamleader Focus Partner?’.

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