FAQ: How can I send mails to a target group?

To get those leads in and to keep your existing customers up-to-date, you’ll want to set up efficient email campaigns. Teamleader Focus offers a couple of really neat integrations like Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor to make your email marketing a piece of cake. 

Access these by clicking your name in the top right of your screen and click ‘integration’.

You have now entered the Marketplace!

Find ‘Email Marketing’ in the left hand overview.

Here, you get a list of all available integrations for making and managing email campaigns with contacts from your Teamleader Focus account.

These will allow you to easily send mails to target groups and keep track of results. Do note that the actual mails will still have to be sent from the external software after your segments and contacts were synchronized.

Check out the following articles in our Support Centre to help you set up your Mailchimp or Campaign monitor integrations.

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