How To: Sending email campaign with Campaign Monitor in Teamleader Focus

Sending an email campaign is an easy way to reach a large target audience. However, building an efficient, attractive and clear campaign is more difficult. There are a few online tools that help you to create a good campaign. Campaign Monitor is one of them.

The integration between Campaign Monitor and Teamleader Focus is easy: Teamleader Focus synchronises your CRM contacts and companies to Campaign Monitor, including your predefined segments. In Campaign Monitor, you can send well-made campaigns to a predefined part of your contact database. We’ll explain how it works:

  • The Setup
  • Create a segment in Teamleader Focus for Campaign Monitor
  • Sending a campaign to the right people
  • Mailing data in Teamleader Focus

The Setup

  1. Create a Campaign Monitor account
  2. Go back to your Teamleader Focus. Navigate to your user icon in the right corner and click on “Integrations/Marketplace
  3. Search for “Campaign Monitor” in the search field
  4. Choose “Campaign Monitor” and click “Add
  5. Enter your login data and click “Log in


In order to sync your contacts to Campaign Monitor, the checkbox 'Opt-in marketing mails' needs to be enabled for each contact in Teamleader Focus.

Create a segment in Teamleader Focus for Campaign Monitor

Using segments is easier to mail your campaign to a specific part of your contact list.

For example, you want to send a campaign specifically to your customers in Germany:

  1. Create a segment in Teamleader Focus based on a country
  2. Choose to make this segment available in Campaign Monitor. Teamleader Focus will then synchronize this segment
  3. To synchronize your segments for the first time, you can click the rotation symbol on top of the screen (remember: you have to be in the CRM module to do this!)

Note: you only need to do this manually once: when adding new contacts afterwards, Teamleader Focus will automatically synchronize these at night. When the synchronization is completed, you will find three lists in Campaign Monitor: Teamleader Focus companies, Teamleader Focus contacts and Teamleader Focus users (users of your Teamleader Focus account). To find your segments in these lists, click on one of these lists and choose “Segments” on the right hand side.

Sending a campaign to the right people

After linking your account and importing your contacts, it’s just a matter of selecting the right segments to send your emails too!

  1. Click “Create and send” in the navigation
  2. Choose “Create a new campaign
  3. Choose one of the different kinds of campaigns
  4. Enter your content
  5. Choose one of your imported Teamleader Focus segment
  6. Click on “Test and define delivery” to continue and send your campaign.
  7. Choose to send it immediately or pick a future date on which you want the campaign to be sent

Mailing data in Teamleader Focus

What after you've sent your campaign? Teamleader Focus gathers some data from the sent campaigns and pushes it to your CRM database. From the moment you've activated the link with Campaign Monitor, you find “Mailing” under the module “CRM”.

There you find the recently sent campaigns with some data such as

  • the total amount sent
  • unique and total opens
  • number of clicks
  • Unsubscribers
  • bounces.

In that last case, Teamleader Focus will add these email addresses to a list of 'invalid emails'. In this list you can choose to edit the email address (if you know the correct one), or to just remove the address out of your database completely.

Note: If you’re interested in using automation in Campaign monitor (f.e. sending welcome emails), it’s important to know that this is not possible through our normal integration. However, it is possible by using Zapier, which allows to link a trigger in Teamleader Focus to an action in Campaign Monitor. You can read more about this in our general Zapier article.

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