FAQ: How can I export my Teamleader Focus contacts to Outlook?



If you have activated the Microsoft Exchange/Office 365 integration, you also have the possibility to export your Teamleader Focus contacts to Outlook. To do this, click on your user icon on the right hand side and go to Integrations/Marketplace. Look for ‘Exchange Calendar’ in the list and click on Settings. There you will have the option to enable ‘Contacts’ and choose to export all your contacts or only specific segments on contact level.


It is important to know that this function is only available for users that have ‘Excel export’ rights enabled. In addition, the Teamleader Focus contact must have the first and last name completed, as well as one of the following list: phone, mobile or email.


The information that will be synchronized to Outlook, is the following:

  • first name
  • last name
  • email address
  • telephone
  • mobile phone
  • fax
  • address of the contact
  • linked companies (company name + function)
  • phone number and address of the first linked company


Note: the synchronisation is done every hour and cannot be initiated manually.

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