You’re probably no stranger to the “login with Google” or “Sign in via Apple-ID” options on different websites. These login options are called Single sign-on (SSO), and are becoming the industry standard. Single sign-on is a service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials - for example, an email address and password - to access multiple applications. In this article we’ll explain how you can easily log in to Teamleader Focus via SSO.


Using SSO allows you to login to software or services without having to set up yet another username or password. It uses the same login credentials as you use for Google, Microsoft or any other SSO provider. These providers often require more details, like multi-factor authentication or your phone number as an extra threshold, making them a very secure way to log in.

Teamleader Focus supports the SSO functionality for the following identity providers:

  • Google: this covers both regular Gmail addresses and email addresses hosted within Google Business. 
  • Apple (via your Apple ID)
  • Microsoft

This means you can login to Teamleader Focus faster and more secure, without having to remember your email address and password.


To set up SSO, there are a few different scenarios:

  • If the email address of your provider is the same as the email address you use to login to Teamleader Focus (= your primary email address), you can easily make use of the SSO functionality. Just hit the button ‘login with Google/Apple/Microsoft’,select the correct email address and you’re set.
    • Important note: because Microsoft email addresses are not verified, users who want to use Microsoft for login will first have to use their usual credentials ‘email+password' or Gmail or Apple to access the account. Then from their profile page in the top right-hand corner, they can link their Microsoft account to their user. After they verify the email, they’ll be able to login with Microsoft the next time.
  • If you want to log in with a Gmail/Apple/Microsoft account with an email address that is not recognised as a primary email address of any user in Teamleader Focus, you’ll be requested to choose a different account, or to log in via the regular email address + password option

Manage your account security

It’s possible to manage the accounts that you linked via SSO to your Teamleader Focus account. Manage your account security by following these steps:

  1. Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner in Teamleader Focus
  2. Choose My profile
  3. Go to ‘Account security’:
    • You’ll see which email address is connected to your account, and you can disconnect an email address if you want by clicking on the disconnect button next to it: