When you work with customers all around the world, you might want to adapt the date format of your documents to fit theirs. It’s possible to set a different date format per company entity in Teamleader Focus, allowing you to optimise the outgoing communications towards your customers. Find out how to set a specific date format in this article.


To change the date format of your company entity, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Company information > pencil next to the company entity you want to edit 

  2. Click on Company details

  3. Choose your date format in the field Date format

The options are:

  • dd/mm/yyyy

  • mm/dd/yyyy 

  • dd-mm-yyyy

  • dd.mm.yyyy


The date format you set for your company entity is applied to:

  • Quotations

  • Time Tracking Reports

  • Order Confirmations

  • Work orders

  • Delivery notes

  • Orders

  • Invoices

  • Credit notes

  • “Date” Custom Field 


  • It’s not possible to set a date format for a specific document as a date format is assigned to a specific company entity and is always applied to all documents of that entity.

  • Don’t forget to add the date as a shortcode on your documents if you want the date to appear. Read more about customizing your templates here.

No date format set

If you didn’t set a date format for your company entity, then all outgoing documents will show the date format dd/mm/yyyy unless you are sending a document to a customer based in one of the countries mentioned in the list below. Then the date format will be dd.mm.yyyy:

  • CH: Switzerland
  • DE: Germany
  • PL: Poland
  • AT: Austria
  • CZ: Czech Republic
  • EE: Estonia
  • IS: Iceland
  • ME: Montenegro
  • RO: Romania
  • RU: Russia
  • RS: Serbia
  • SK: Slovakia
  • SI: Slovenia
  • TR: Turkey
  • UA: Ukraine