In this article we'll give you an overview of the more common errors you can encounter in the integration between Octopus and Teamleader Focus.

Book year period is closed

Possible causes:

  • The fiscal year is already closed in Octopus, meaning no more invoices can be added to it.
  • The period (quarter or month e.g.) is already closed in Octopus, meaning no more invoices can be added to it.


  • Re-open the fiscal year (Management > Journals > Fiscal year X)
  • Re-open the period (Management > Journals > Fiscal year X > Closed until period/Secured till period) if possible.
  • The period of "Secured till period" and "Closed until period" should be smaller (e.g. 201901) than the "Active period" or period you want to book in (e.g. 201902).

Journal has the wrong type

Notification in Teamleader Focus:

'Journal V1' in Octopus has the wrong type. This should be 'Sales bookings' but is 'Invoices' instead.


  • In Octopus, go to Management > Journals
  • Change the entry type of the journal to "Sales bookings". More information can be found here.

Not all journals can be found in the Marketplace, but the setup of the journals is correct in Octopus


  • If the journals have been created recently, they are not yet available for the API to fetch. Because of this, they are not available in the Teamleader Focus Marketplace to select.


  • In Octopus you can click on File (top left corner, make sure the correct account is active) and select 'Synchronise'.
  • This will make the journals available for the API.
  • After this you can go back to the Teamleader Focus Marketplace and click on LINK DOSSIER again.
  • The missing journals should now be in the 'Journal Invoices/Journal Credit Notes' dropdown to select.

An invoice item did not have an account specified for invoice X


  • An invoice item has an unknown account


  • Go to your invoice overview and open the corresponding invoice. Click on the pencil next to 'content' to add the correct ledger account (it shouldn't be unknown):
  • If your ledger accounts are related to your VAT rates, you can do this in bulk via settings > invoices> ledger accounts> Auto-suggest accounts at certain VAT-tariffs.