On your contact/company page you can see a checkbox called 'opt-in marketing mails'. This checkbox is visible in Teamleader Focus even when you don't have any active mailing integrations. Read this article to learn more about the functionalities of this checkbox!

Because of the GDPR we had to make some changes in Teamleader Focus. That's why we added the field 'opt-in marketing mails' to your CRM. This field allows you to gather some information on which contacts gave their consent for mailing and which contacts didn't:

  • The checkbox 'opt-in marketing mails' will be unchecked by default for new contacts you add to your Teamleader Focus CRM. To be GDPR friendly this feature cannot be activated automatically: you first have to receive consent from your contacts. 
  • If you already had a mailing integration before the GDPR entered into force, contacts which were already synced to your mailing integration will have the checkbox 'opt-in marketing mails' enabled by default in Teamleader Focus. When contacts unsubscribe, 'opt-in marketing mails' will be automatically disabled in Teamleader Focus. 
  • If you didn't have an integration, all contacts you added before 25/05/2018 will have the checkbox 'opt-in marketing mails' enabled by default in Teamleader Focus.
  • If you want to update the field 'opt-in marketing mails' in bulk for your contacts/companies, it is now possible to do so by a xls/csv import into Teamleader Focus. Make sure the 'Teamleader ID' is part of your Excel file. If you want to enable mailing for a contact, you insert '1' in the column opt-in marketing mails in your Excel file, and 0 to disable opt-in marketing mails.

    Remark: If you don't see the column 'opt-in marketing mails', please ask your administrator to activate the module 'Mailing' for your account. This can be done in the Settings > Users > three dots next to the name of the user.
    Teamleader ID        First name contact        Last name contactopt-in marketing mails
    JeroenDe Wit1            
    Bill     Gates0

Note regarding opt-in: In order to sync your contacts to your mailing integration, the checkbox 'opt-in marketing mails' needs to be enabled in Teamleader Focus. After your contacts are synced to your mailing integration, it's up to you to divide your contact list there into the separate marketing permissions/opt-ins. You can find more information on this segmentation in our article about sending campaigns with Mailchimp.