Note: this article only applies to Winbooks, as the procedure for Winbooks on Web is different!

First consult this general article about exporting invoices from Teamleader Focus.


In addition to the usual parameters, there are a number of specific parameters to export invoices to Winbooks. Most of these are not important for this export and can be ignored. The "Call API" parameter, however, must be deactivated. 

The following parameters do require your attention:

Invoice journal, Credit note journal: your accountant will find these in Winbooks; see the following screenshots (VERKP is the code that we are looking for in this case).

Customer payment conditions: Enter the different deadlines for payment in this table. There are 2 types of deadlines for payment:

  • Usual deadline for payment: 0d, 14d, etc. -> 0d, 14d, etc.-> enter the figure for the value (0, 14, etc.).
  • Deadline for end-of-month payment: 30d-EM, 60d-EM, etc. -> 30d-EM, 60d-EM, etc. -> enter the figure for the value followed by "E" (30E, 60E, etc.).

Book year: leave this empty (when importing, you select the fiscal year).

Period: this is the relevant period within the fiscal year. For quarterly statements, this is 1 to 4 and, for monthly statements, 1 to 12. It is usually quarterly statements

Sales ledger account: enter 700000 here.

The parameters will be remembered for the next export so you do not have to enter them each time.

Actual import in Winbooks

Importing in Winbooks takes place through the separate "WbLinkInterface" application. You must exit Winbooks to be able to execute the import.

1. Select the relevant file and the correct fiscal year. 

2. Put the 2 files from the .zip file in a separate folder and select that folder as the "working directory" in the interface.


3. Select TXT files as the format. Next, hit connection. 

4. Next, you can test the files and execute the import if there are no error notifications.