• How do you collaborate within your company?
  • Do you have teams which work together on a daily basis?
  • Which of your co-workers needs to have access to what in Teamleader Focus?

In order to structure the collaboration within a company, Teamleader Focus offers the option to create teams. You can add a colleague to a team to facilitate the collaboration if you have a bigger crew to coordinate. Obviously, it is entirely up to you how many colleagues are using Teamleader Focus. Just check here how to add, to deactivate or reactivate a colleague.

When adding a colleague, you need to decide whether every colleague should have access to everything. You have different choices: you can make another colleague an administrator so that this user has the same rights as you, but you can also opt for limiting the visibility by limited CRM, limited deal access or by deactivating certain modules for some users. In the end you are the boss.

Note: As soon as a colleague is set up, he/she should edit and update their personal profile in order to get started.

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