This article is a bit different from the others, as the integrations do not need to be set up in a certain workflow. However, you will find out what integrations Teamleader Focus offers and how they need to be set up. Generally, Teamleader Focus differs between integrations on user level and integrations on account level.

Do stay tuned, because we continuously extend our list of integrations.

For all integrations on account level, you need to be an admin in order to set the link:

The integrations on user level can be linked without an admin account:

  • Agenda integration: bi-directional sync between Teamleader Focus and your agenda - everything to stay ahead of things
  • Email integration: tracking emails from your Outlook or Gmail account directly to Teamleader Focus - no problem using this integration.
  • LinkedIn: social media and Teamleader Focus go hand in hand.
  • Document synchronisation (Dropbox): have access to the documents you have uploaded to your document management tool but also in Teamleader Focus and, of course, vice versa.

You are now all set for the integrations. Check here for all articles on how you can get started with Teamleader Focus.