We love to help our customers work smarter, so from time to time we like to share some tips. These aren’t necessarily directly related to the use of Teamleader Focus itself, but they will help you to use the software even more efficiently.

In this specific case, we’re targeting the problem of using multiple Teamleader Focus accounts in one browser. This might occur when you have two companies with different activities and would like to keep businesses strictly separated. In this case, you always needed to log out and in again to see your different accounts, or use multiple browsers at a time.

One thing you should know - this solution will only work with everyone’s favorite browser: Google Chrome. Because in this browser, you can create multiple accounts, alter ego’s if you like, which are easily interchangeable. We’ll guide you through the process.

1. Creating a new person

  1. Just go to the right hand corner of your Google Chrome browser. 
  2. You should see your name or something like it next to the close and minimize/maximize button.
  3. Click on your name and select the option ‘Switch person’. 
  4. In the next screen, you can choose ‘add person’.
  5. A new window will open, and in the right hand corner it will state ‘Person 1’. If you want, you can give it a catchy name like Han Solo or Indy - or just the name of your company. 
  6. Press enter to confirm and that’s it: your second person is created!

2. Switching between accounts

  • Just click your name in the top right corner to switch persons and that’s that. 
  • If you open a tab for Teamleader Focus in each one, you can use multiple accounts without having to log out and in every time. And if you used your different company names to identify the persons, you’ll always know in which account you’re working.


Are you using Firefox instead of Google Chrome? 

Firefox has a really handy extension you can use concerning multiple accounts. It uses the concept of "containers" which means every tab using a container is isolated from the others with colour-coded tabs. This also means that you can use multiple Teamleader Focus users for different companies within the same window, but in different tabs.

You can find and download the extension here.