• Are you switching from a trial account to a live account? That's awesome! Welcome to the Teamleader Focus family.
  • Are you already a customer for a while but want to delete some data entered in Teamleader Focus?

Here we have the answer to both questions, and there are two ways of deleting it, so keep reading to find out how:

1. Button “Reset Demo”

If you signed up for a free trial of Teamleader Focus, you chose to add dummy data/example data, simply click on your user icon on the top right hand corner, and click the "Reset Demo" button.

Once you do so, all data will be removed, including the data you added up until today. This button will only be displayed if you chose to work with a dummy data account. If you selected not to add dummy data and therefore your account was empty to start with, option 2 will help you out.

2. Manually deleting all data

CRM: To delete your contacts and companies, you need to create a segment as described in this article and delete the segment via the "Actions" button. Note that you can only delete contacts or companies with no connected deals, projects, invoices or time tracking. Those values need to be deleted first.

Deals: You cannot perform bulk actions on deals. Unfortunately, this means that you'll need to delete deals one by one. To do so, simply open a deal and click on the orange trash bin in the top right-hand corner. More information? Click here.

Invoices: You can delete invoices, but always just the last one. For example: if your last invoice is number 10, you first have to delete number 10, then number 9 and so on. For more information, feel free to consult this article.

Time tracking: To delete open time tracking, either open "Timesheets" or the contact or company that you tracked time for. You can then simply edit the time tracking and click "Delete".

Products: You can perform bulk actions on products similar to contacts or companies. Create a segment as shown below and then simply click "Actions", "Delete".

Projects: Alas! Projects need to be deleted one by one. To do so, navigate to a project and click on the three dots at the top of your screen. In the pop-up menu, select "Delete project".

Once you've deleted all dummy data, you can start filling your account with real data, and get started with Teamleader Focus. How? Click here.